VRT Mobile – new timetable information system for to go!

VRT Mobile is the browser-based timetable information system from the VRT (Trier Regional Transportation Authority) for smartphones. Timetable information can now be accessed quickly and easily because the information has been edited especially for mobile phones, available at mobil.vrt-info.de.

The following images refer to the iPhone from Apple; the feature is similar to that of devices by other smartphones.

VRT Mobil Screenshot
VRT Mobil Screenshot
VRT Mobil Screenshot
  • Step 1:
    Enter mobil.vrt-info.de on your smartphone.
  • Step 2:
    Enter your present location into the start window. This can be bus stops, addresses, or important locations (for example: hospital, City Hall, etc.). Automatic positioning of your location is possible for the iPhone as well as for android devices through GPS. If you wish to obtain information for the current time, touch the button “Weiter” (submit), and you will obtain the departure time for the closest bus stop.
  • Step 3:
    If you wish to access timetable information, please enter a destination as well: “Ziel” (destination). According to where you wish to go, you can adjust the date (“Datum”) and time (“Uhrzeit”) and then touch “Weiter” (submit).

    Below the window, you will find all the following departure times from the start bus stop that has been entered.
  • Step 4:
    An overview of possible routes will then be displayed for your request. With the buttons “Früher” (earlier) and “Später” (later), you can access additional routes. Also available are the options “Weitere Einstellungen” (Advances Option) or “Neue Abfrage” (new enquiry).
    With a touch on the “€ button”, you can view price information.
  • Step 5:
    Additional important information will be offered for every route recommendation. When you open a route, you receive a detailed route description which contains the time for departure and arrival – also displayed separately for each segment of transfer connections – necessary walking times, the route direction, and the means of transport. In addition, the ticket price will be displayed for a one-way ticket (EinzelTicket) and for a reduced one-way ticket (EinzelTicket ermäßigt).

    The map function can be accessed via an additional link (compass). It shows a section of the city map for the respective route segment, including the walking and transport routes.